Best Gaming Mouse Pad for Fortnite in 2021

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September 24, 2018

These days, there are many electronic devices that you can use for different purposes but the most popular one is a computer. Computers are advanced electronic devices that execute processes, calculation, and operations based on the instructions stipulated by a hardware or software program.

To ensure the success of operations, there are peripheral devices needed. Peripheral refers to devices that are connected to computers like a monitor, printer, hard drive, flash drive, keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad.

There is one peripheral device that is often overlooked by computer users – mouse pad. Mouse pads support the computer mouse. Computer mouse allows you to choose items stored in a computer before it can perform necessary actions. A computer mouse is crucial to the success of any FPS game performance. Knowing this, it is only right to enhance its usability with the help of mouse pads.

best gaming mousepad for Fortnite

The best mouse pad provides a surface for the gaming mouse to move accurately without jitter. There are many benefits to have a mouse pad aside from offering more precision and comfort for the user.

It can also keep the table surface or desk from getting scratched because of the incessant mouse rubbing motion. More importantly, mouse pads can reduce the collection of debris under the mouse. If the gaming mouse for Fortnite accumulates debris, it will result in reduced jitter of the pointer.

Now that you know its importance, it is time that you consider the right one. Whether it is for extended gaming mouse pad for Fortnite Battle Royale or school project, you need to know how to choose the right mouse pad.

Remember that the right mouse pad can affect how you navigate your computer. Finding a good mouse pad can make or break your mouse experience. If you want to buy one, you have to consider the following things:

How to choose gaming mousepad


You have to be aware that there are five types of a mouse pad for Fortnite Battle Royale material – cloth, plastic with rubber bottoms, metal, synthetic and glass.

  • Cloth: if you are particular about comfort and portability, you have to consider cloth pads because it is made of fabric and soft foam. The downside is you need to replace it every five to six months because the edges get damaged over time. Cloth mouse pads are popular for users because it is cheap and the mat production is simple.
  • Plastic with rubber bottoms: mouse pad made of plastic with rubber bottoms are often called hard pads. It provides a smooth surface for the mouse to navigate on. In terms of positioning accuracy, it is high. The maintenance is also easy because you just need to wipe off spills or dirt.
  • Metal: metal mouse pads are aluminium based. The pad will feel smooth. With this material, the mouse will feel smooth when used not to mention the moving friction is minimal. However, for this, portability is not good because it is not easy to carry. The price is also high, that is why it is not suitable for ordinary use.
  • Glass: the glass material will give you a luxurious feel especially as the mouse glides on. However, these pads are more expensive compared to the cloth and plastic pads. It is also least seen on the market. Aside from the smoothness, it is also stylish. However, glass mouse pads are susceptible to breaking. This makes carrying not convenient.
  • Synthetic: the price of synthetic mouse pads is relatively higher because it is typically made of plastic surface coated with other special materials or special layer. However, it will wear down easily.


The most overlooked component is the base of the mouse pad. A base can make or break a gaming mouse pad. The base has several thicknesses and it can play an important role in your gaming experience. Thickness includes a slim base, heavy base, and standard base. Slim base is usually 2mm, which is ideal for those that like a solid feel. Heavy base, on the other hand, is 5mm.

It is ideal for those people who like a comfortable feel because the surface is more comfortable and softer. It is also perfect for tournaments if you are not sure of the surface you will be playing on. Finally, the standard base is 3mm. It is slim and kind of heavy.


Apart from the material, the next thing that you should consider is your need. Before buying, you need to know what you want to use the pad for. If you are a gamer, you need a gaming mouse pad because it boasts of texture, precision, and glide. You can consider a large mouse pad for gaming purposes.


There are people who choose mouse pads according to their interests and personality. You have to know that mouse pads come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. There will always be something in store for you.

Aside from the material, need and style, you should also consider other things. Here are additional things that you need to keep in mind:

Size selection of mouse pads

It is up to you to determine your size preference. For many gamers, good mouse pads are beneficial in many ways. Small mouse pads need high precision in terms of movements. This is ideal for gamers who do not move the mouse a lot during the game. On the other hand, the long mouse pad is ideal for gamers who use long and sweeping arm movements during play. For these players, they require more mouse movement.

Wrist support of mouse pads

Mouse pads with wrist support are ergonomic desk accessory. In the case of the glorious mouse pad, people like it because they can rest their wrists on the gel. You have to get a mouse pad with wrist support to keep your wrist in a neutral position. The wrist should not be bent up or down. For tasks involving the shoulders, elbows, and wrist, reducing muscular tension is crucial in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

How to clean mouse pad effectively?

When it comes to cleaning your mouse pad, the care or washing will depend on its material. If you are using plastic or rubber, you can simply tackle it with few sanitary wipes. With this, you can go back to gaming after a few minutes.

If you are tackling cloth pads, it will require more attention to erase stains. To clean cloth pads, you should start by filling the sink with water and soap. You can simply toss the mouse pad and scrub it gently. Other types you can simply put into the washing machine.

The good news is that you can consider putting it in the washing machine without destroying it. There are no special considerations for the wash cycle, which means you can wash it for several minutes as you deem necessary.

However, do not toss it in the dryer. The safest thing to do is to dry it under the sun. The good thing about mouse pads is that with minimal effort, regardless of the material, you can get rid of most stains.

Comparing mouse pads

Photo Mouse pad name Material Size LED  
SteelSeries mouse pad SteelSeries Qck HeavyEditor's choice Cloth/Hard

17.7 x 15.7 x .2 inches

12.6 x 10.63 x .12 inches

9.84 x 8.27 x .08 inches

35.43 x 15.75 x .16 inches

 11.2 x 12.6 x .2 inches

17.72 x 15.75 x .08 inches

Prism version Check Price
hyperx gaming mousepad HyperX Fury S Hard



No Check Price
logitech gaming mousepad Logitech 640 mousepad Cloth


15.75 x 0.12 x 18.11 in

No Check Price
Razer gaming mouse pad Razer Goliathus Cloth

8.46 x 10.73 inches

10 x 13.98 inches

13.98 x 17.48 inches

11.57 x 36.22 inches

Chroma version Check Price
Corsair MM300 Cloth

0.12x10.08x8.27 inches.

0.12x14.17x11.81 inches. 

0.12x36.61x11.80 inches

no Check Price
Razer Firefly Cloth Edition Razer Firefly Cloth Edition Hard/cloth

355 mm / 13.98 ” (Length)

255 mm / 10.04 ” (Width) 

3.5 mm / 0.14 ” (Height)

16.8M RGB Check Price

Now that you know what to consider before buying a mouse pad for Fortnite, the next thing to do is to look for one. When looking for the best mousepad for fps, you can start with the following:

SteelSeries Qck Heavy

Many consider this as the best gaming mouse pad because of its size – 450 x 400 x 6 mm. It features a non-slip rubber base and it has a nearly frictionless surface having a perfect mouse tracking technology. This is because of the high thread count including surface variation, which is available for optical and laser sensors. Aside from that, it is made of high-quality cloth material boasting of consistent glide.

HyperX Fury S Pro

HyperX mousepads boast of seamless stitched anti-fray edges, which will give you a uniform surface. This mouse pad is an ideal mouse pad for gaming. HyperX Fury boasts of soft cloth with wrist comfort and natural rubber designed to keep it steady when the going gets tough. You have to know that there are four available sizes – small (290mm x 240mm), medium (360mm x 300 mm), large (450 mm x 400 mm) and extra large (900 mm x 420 mm).

Logitech G640

Logitech mouse pads provide the gamers with enhanced sensor accuracy and precision. It has edge-to-edge design giving a clean and consistent surface structure. It is 460 mm wide and 3 mm thin. The total weight is 352 g. This means that you can easily roll it up for transport. Logitech G640 is considered a large cloth gaming pad. It offers protection whenever you take it to LAN events with its hexagonal packaging.

If you are using low-DPI settings, you can benefit from Logitech because of its moderate resistance to the mouse whenever stopping or starting a sudden movement. In other words, it provides the perfect amount of friction for low-DPI gaming.

Razer Goliathus

The good thing about razer mouse pad is that it is available in four different sizes, which can accommodate all gamers. Size include small (215mm x 270mm or 8.46 inches x 10.73 inches), medium (254 mm x 355 mm or 10 inches x 13.98 inches), large (355mm x 444 mm or 13.98 inches x 17.48 inches) and extended (294mm x 920 mm or 11.57 inches x 36.22 inches). As for the thickness of the pads, it is 3mm/0.12 inches.

It has high/low sense optical and laser sensor, which offer sensitivity setting depending on your preference. This translates to the total tracking responsiveness, which is crucial in consistent game control. It also features anti-slip rubber and anti-fraying stitched frame. The seamless surface is because of the pulled taut weave. Aside from that, the weave also features a comfortable feel under your hand and rest, which can minimise fatigue for long periods of play.


CORSAIR provides cloth surface with reinforced edges to avoid fraying and surface peeling. It allows mouse control precision and consistent accuracy including low friction. The anti-skid rubber helps it stay in place. It is ideal for optical and laser mouse.

It comes in three sizes – small, medium and extended. Small mouse pad has a surface area of 0.12 inches x 10.08 inches x 8.27 inches. Medium mouse pad has a surface area of 0.12 inches x 14.17 inches x 11.81 inches. Extended mouse pad has a surface area of 0.12 inches x 36.61 inches x 11.80 inches.

Razer Firefly Chroma Hard / Cloth

Razer mouse pad has 16.8 million colors and many customisable lighting effects. This means you will have an improved gaming experience because of the visually spectacular display of colors with the help of Chroma customisable lighting. It features an inter-device color synchronization and enabled Razer Synapse. The USB connector (powers the Chroma customisable lighting) is gold plate.

On top of that, it has a micro-textured finish, which gives you accuracy and speed. The surface ensures that every mouse movement reflects to cursor movement. Regardless of the sensitivity or mouse setting you use, the pad will give you complete control because of its enhanced reflective quality. The approximate length is 355 mm/13.98 inches. The width is 255 mm/10.04 inches and the height is 4 mm/0.16 inches. The approximate weight is 380 grams.


Choosing the right mouse pad is indeed confusing with many options available in front of you. This is the reason why when you need to pay more attention to your needs so you can make an informed decision at the end of the day. The cost will become one of the main factors when choosing the right mouse pad. You have to consider the quality and the comfort when it comes to choosing apart from the other things mentioned above. You also need to put more emphasis on the wrist support to avoid musculoskeletal-related injuries.

Remember that it is always prudent to consider a mouse pad. You have to keep in mind that on a reflective surface, the optical sensor of the mouse can only see itself. If this happens, the sensor will not know what direction the mouse is moving. With this, it is productive to use the best hard mouse pad since it will allow the sensor to detect the movement and direction of the mouse. You may think that mouse pads are insignificant and you can work without it but you have to realise that it can make or break your gaming experience at the end of the day.


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