How to boost in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth in 2019? 

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October 30, 2019

WoW is a one of the games that is near and dear to you heart. For its long history there were the eighth expansion, starting out from the original game (which is called as vanilla or classic), all the way up to now to "Battle for Azeroth".

Tips to boost your account World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth in 2019


Change of specialization is available from level 10.

level boost bfa

Choose the one in which you can quickly deal with a group of opponents, or the one in which you can quickly and stably disassemble one at a time, without losing time to recover.

For example: a magician - fire / ice, a robber - a thug / liquidation, a shaman - perfection, a hunter - survival, a warrior - weapons / rage, a death knight - ice / wickedness, etc.


Do not get involved in battles that are not needed on a mission, wherenever it is a monster or an enemy player. Try to leave the battle if you are clearly not involved in it.


Do not join groups of 3+ people to complete tasks. It’s fun to play with friends, but practice shows that usually you will need to wait from 2 to 10 minutes. Especially with the “connection” the wow carry boost process is significantly delayed. This is only advisable for the “invite a friend” campaign and only if both understand that they need to quickly boost a character.

War mode.

The war mode is available from level 20, and its main plus for us is the experience bonus +10% / + 30% depending on the fraction that is in the minority.

I will not convince you to turn on the war mode, but do not forget about the bonus to the experience, and in addition, some PvP talents are very useful in the battle with monsters. Do not do PvP while boosting.

Dungeon trekking.

Dungeons are available from level 15. It’s worth going to the dungeons, but with some reservations:

1. Register only in random dungeons;

2. Pass the dungeon to the end only if:

  • there are tasks in it, or;
  • you didn’t get to the beginning of the dungeon and you have to kill 1-2 bosses to end the dungeon.

3. In other cases, feel free to leave the group and continue to do tasks, your efficiency from this will be higher;

4. Should to avoid:

  • Gnomeregan - if the group went into the left passage, and did not jump down to the slug;
  • Eldre’Talas: Dire Maul quarter is a long and slightly confused dungeon and, as a rule, the tank / leader does not know where to go;
  • Eldre’Talas: Central Garden - as a rule, the tank / leader does not know what to do - you need to kill the ancient one at the entrance and put out the pylons, the suboptimal design of the tasks;
  • The depths of the Black Mountain (all 3 parts) - if the group does not want to perform direct tasks, but tries to clear the entire dungeon;
  • Blackrock Peak is an interesting but very long dungeon;
  • Stratholme (both wings) - not a small dungeon with a lot of trash, a thin or inept tank and low DPS can greatly reduce the effectiveness of this dungeon;

5. to Meju Outland and Northrend it is preferable to choose Outland dungeons - they go faster;

6. Starting from level 80, it is worth stopping dungeon trips right up to the dungeons of the Battle of Azeroth, in the best case the result will be on a par with the tasks;

7. in the dungeons of the Battle of Azeroth, it is better to go if there is a task and as a reward they give you significant experience.

Also you can easily get mythic carry bfa and don't spend a lot of time.  

Bonuses to experience:

  • 50% - from a set of family armor or the “invite a friend” promotion (cannot be combined);
  • 5% - Insightful Rubellite  - a new stone that characters with the profession of Jewelcrafting can create. You can use only one. Can only be inserted in items of level 200+ (used from level 100 onwards).
  • 10% - Draught of Ten Lands  At death does not subside. It can be used by any character on the account starting from level 1.
  • 20% - Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning When death does not subside. It can be used only in the interval 91-99, when reaching level 100 the remaining effect is not reset and allows you to further receive a bonus to the experience.
  • 300% - Elixir of the Rapid Mind I once used this elixir in the days of Draenor. Practice has shown that the effectiveness of its use is small, in view of the long time it takes to prepare or the additional resources expended (in the form of friends or a second account). If you have such potions - sell them on AH to those who think that they help in boosting, you will earn good money. To whom it is interesting: on YouTube there are many videos devoted to methods of using this elixir.

Seasonal bonuses.

Use them if you can quickly update them and return to boosting:

  • 10% - Darkmoon Fair: Darkmoon Top Hat or Darkmoon Carousel WHEE
  • 10% (not for quests) - Solstice of Fire: Ribbon Dance 
  • 10% (not for assignments) - Brewfest Enthusiast
  • 10% (not for quests) - boostkin: Unburdened  or Grim Visage
  • X% + - World of Warcraft anniversary: ​​corresponds to the years of the anniversary, falls off after death, but the token has a 1 second recovery, the main thing is to remember to update.

There are 3 more guild banners that give a bonus of 5,10 and 15 percent, but only to experience from killing monsters within a radius of 100 meters from the standard within 15 minutes, recovery - 10 minutes. They can not be summarized among themselves; they are acquired from guild merchants.

** (not for quests) - this bonus gives an increase only when killing monsters or opening chests


Prepare the character as much as possible so that in the process of level boost bfa spend a minimum of time to replenish and obtain the necessary things. Make sure that the interface and add-ons are configured properly, including the spec in which you plan to swing.

wow carry boost

Here is a list of things that the main character can convey / learn:

  • Riding Learning Gold: The basic amount for all skills is 10304 gold
  • Handbags: I recommend from magic fabric
  • Family things
  • Enchantment
  • Family vehicle: Chopper with driver / Mechano-bike with driver
  • Demolition trailers - repairing equipment and selling trash
  • Goblin Glider Assembly Kit
  • Flying
  • Walking on water and under water

1-20 Starting Location

The choice of the starting location in which you start playing does not depend on you, it is predetermined by your race. I recommend to get to level 20, completing tasks in this and adjacent locations in order to reduce useless movements. If you like another location, you better navigate it and can quickly get there - go for it!

20-60 Azeroth

Upon reaching level 20, I recommend moving to the capital of your faction (Stormwind / Orgrimar) and linking the Return Stone there. I also recommend buying a cape of the capital to gain a reputation in the dungeons, this will reduce the cost of improving flights.

The best locations for the Horde will be:

  • Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills are the best experience for the Horde in terms of experience per hour.
  • Ghostlands - with an understanding of the order in which tasks are completed, a rather effective location. 
  • The northern steppes are another great place to experience per hour. Make sure that you are doing quests to move to the next hub on the kodo, this opens the next plot.
  • Western Plaguelands - despite the fact that this is a common location for both fractions, with the exception of the Healers Plot and the Hearth Hearth, I think this place is good from experience per hour.
  • Azshara is a great place in terms of experience per hour if there is a quick mount.
  • Dusty swamps are again a common location, but the number of quests makes it very good, especially with fast mounts or flights.

The best locations for the Alliance will be:

  • (in fact, the Alliance does not have such successful locations as the Horde)
  • Western Territory - tasks at the western lighthouse and Captain Sanders’s chest will make you spend a lot of time running around, I recommend that you skip them if there are no more flights. The last task that sends to the Deadmines is best done through a dungeon search or skip.
  • Redridge Mountains - many people do not like it, because of running around to the city hall, but the density and location of the quests are quite decent. It will be useful to tie the stone to the tavern.
  • Twilight Forest is a good location if you navigate it.
  • Western Plaguelands are as good for the Alliance as they are for the Horde.
  • Lock Modan - in the absence of alternatives or if there is a need to gain experience, it is advisable to have flights.

It is worth noting that starting at level 35, Andorhal (Western Plaguelands) can be reached from the Pirate Bay through the portal. It is enough to take the task from the arcanist Arman (Horde) 52 or from the War-Mage Erallier (Alliance)

Upon reaching level 60, you can stay and finish the tasks in the current location until the 61st, a slice of experience is not felt.

60-80 Outland / Northrend

Be extremely careful. Be sure to take every available quest. Try not to die very much, because you will have to run away from the cemetery on foot and far. Try to optimize your assignment / assignment route.

It is believed that the locations of Northrend look more attractive for boosting, I will not dispute this, because I was also convinced of this before. But for me personally, Outland locations are more profitable:

  • Hellfire Peninsula
  • Zangarmarsh
  • Terokkar Forest
  • Nagrand

Usually the Peninsula of Hellfire is enough, and a couple of quest hubs in Zangartopi mixed with random Outland dungeons.

The island of Quel’Danas deserves a special mention. Starting at level 70, you can do daily quests here. Despite the absence of flights on the island, the density of tasks is very high.

If you prefer Northrend then Avoid the Howling Fjord and Icecrown.

Upon reaching level 70 and 80, it is worth returning to the capital and improving flights.

80-90 Hyjal / Jade Forest

Everything is simple here:

  • Mount Hyjal
  • Jade forest

In any convenient sequence. According to my personal observations: in the Jade Forest there are a lot of scenario tasks that turn the execution of tasks into an arcade game, and this delays the execution time of the task.

I recommend installing add-ons for tracking treasures in Pandaria. You don’t need to go specifically for treasures - this is ineffective, but in the course of completing tasks, of course, it is worth collecting.

90-100 Draenor

First, make sure you have an addon tracking Draenor’s treasures on the map.

Shadowmoon Valley / Frostfire Ridge

Free boosting begins with the construction of the Garrison in the Shadowmoon Valley for the Alliance or in the Frostfire Ridge for the Horde. After the construction of the Garrison, you should collect the nearest treasures and complete all the next tasks that do not require a change of location. For the Horde, you need to make a flight to Vor’gol on a mission to complete 1-2 missions there, in order to be able to build the 2nd level of the garrison and get a movement bonus in the Frostfire Range.

At the quartermaster in the garrison you need to buy 1-2 Extra potion of accelerated training for 20% of experience.

Further, the Alliance advances towards the Temple of Karabor (east) and from there begins to carry out local tasks (there are 4 of them in the location) clockwise.

mythic carry bfa

The horde advances to the central west and also performs local tasks: to the northeast, then south from the place to ogram (3 lokalki).

Do not forget to keep on yourself the Extra potion of accelerated learning. As you complete local tasks, you should look at the map and collect the nearest treasures that you don’t need to climb through the caves.


Further we move to Gorgrond: the Alliance will already be 95-96, the Horde 94-95. The alliance goes on assignment through the flight master, Horde - self-propelled to the point of meeting with Durotan. In Gorgrond, it is required to complete tasks and build a strong point (I always put the Sawmill) and move on with the tasks, simultaneously completing local tasks and collecting treasures. Scheme of movement after the construction of a strong point:

  • for Horde: curve starting from the bottom circle counterclockwise;
  • for the Alliance: figure eight, starting from the upper circle clockwise, from ponds with elementals

It is advisable immediately before taking the 100th level to update the Extra potion of accelerated learning. And before that, prepare one local task with 1 undefeated monster or unassembled item and complete it when less than 5% is lacking up to level 100.

100-110 Legion

Here you will need an addon to track the invasions of the Legion, it must be enabled on all characters in order to see announcements and progress.

According to the introductory tasks of the legion, we only do where you want to taste food and pass the test. And then we return to the one who issued it and skip the invasion scenario.

If you still have the bonus from the Extra potion of accelerated learning for more than 5 minutes, I recommend that, if there are no Legion intrusions, leave the character in Dalaran and leave immediately.

Further boosting in the Legion takes place in passive mode: if there is an invasion, we go in, carry out 6 local invasion buildings, return to Dalaran and exit. One invasion (implementation of 6 local buildings) takes 15-20 minutes.

In this mode, I boost to the 110th. With the release of 8.1.5, it made sense to swing like this to 111: for 1 local task they give 20% of the level. On the 111th there is no sense: only 1-2% of the level.

If the action of the Extra potion of accelerated learning subsided, you can continue to download the character in normal mode, i.e. on assignments: Azsuna, Highmountain, Valshara. But efficiency will be low compared to intrusions.

110-120 Battle of Azeroth

After the event with Magni, we will receive a necklace Heart of Azeroth and Magni will give you a choice of 1 of the three pieces of Azerite armor. Choose based on which location you are going to go first. In each location, you can get only 2 pieces and only a certain type to choose from. (see armor selection table below)

Further, after talking with the King / Leader, we can skip the introductory script, thereby reducing the boosting time by 30 minutes.

The main idea is to first get 280 Azerite armor as quickly as possible in the remaining 2 slots, and then continue to complete tasks at the usual pace. Based on the choice made by Magni, choose the following location: in each location, going through the storyline there will be two options for choosing from 2 pieces of armor, they are shown in the table below.


Armor selection for the Alliance:

Location Reward Characters
Tiragarde Sound

1. Shoulders, Helmet

2. Helmet,Bib

Telia, Flynn

1. Chestpiece, Helmet

Bib, Shoulders

Lucille Waycrest,Marshal
Stormsong Valley

1. Chestpiece, Shoulders

2. Helmet, Shoulders

Telia,Brother Pike, Samuel


Armor Selection for the Horde:

Location Reward Key Characters

1. Helmet, Chestpiece

2. Shoulders, Chestpiece

Talanji, Hanzabu / Bwonsamdi,

Kejabu / jo'chung, lash / kishaz,

Krag'va Patch / Ticker / Trit,

Rokhan, Hezrel


1. Chestpiece, Shoulders

2. Helmet, Shoulders

Nicha / Kiro / Miira, Kaja,

Jorak, Akunda, Rakira,

Cerric, Warrick


1. Helmet, Shoulders

2. Helmet, Chestpiece

Zul, Zolani, Habuto, Bane,

Rastahan, Rezan, Loti

Here, the key characters are those characters who lead the main storyline. If you are completing an assignment and have not communicated with any of the above for a long time, you are most likely distracted by a side quest.

The Horde most quickly runs the storyline in Woldun, Nazmir is a very interesting location and it is difficult to separate side quests, it is better to go along with the storyline along the way. Zuldazar is very chaotic and confused in terms of questing, it is better to leave it in the end.

The Alliance has all the storylines equally fast, but I prefer this order: Tiragarde, Drustvar, Storm Valley. In Tiragarde, it’s best to complete the quest in Freeport before Flynn’s release, otherwise they will take the pirate’s hat and all the pirates will become hostile. In Drustvar, the reputation with the order will appear as soon as the order itself is revived, and this is the first part with Lucille.

The blessing of Loa.

The Horde has the opportunity at any time (as this or that Loa becomes available) to receive in the shrines a 20-minute bonus to damage, protection, mobility. In each location of Zandalar there are 2 loas, but the most effective are Akunda and Bwonsamdi, with their help they can quickly deal with monsters. Look for their shrines in camps and temples.

Additional tasks.

As the map is explored, additional tasks will appear - a certain area outlined by a beige outline where you need to fill the scale, killing monsters or collecting objects. It makes sense to do only if:

  • after completing tasks in this area - the scale is already filled by 75 +%
  • for one action give 5 +% (usually 1-2%)

BfA Invasions.

In contrast to the Legion, they are very disadvantageous in terms of leveling: they give only 1.5 times more experience in comparison with the usual task. I would not recommend running around all the intrusions. But! Completing the final quest will give a 10% bonus for 1 hour, at least that's what the buff description says: wink: Therefore, it's up to you.

Military Campaign (Recommendation)

This step is not worth starting right away. While you are actively completing tasks and possibly visiting dungeons, the character raises the level of equipment. And at levels 116-117, my characters are usually given level 295 Azerite armor. It is at this moment that it is worth starting the Military Campaign, as for the first location give a choice of 1 of 3 slots. The remaining 2 pieces are obtained for the plot company in the last location.

The fastest passing for the Alliance - Voldun / Zuldazar; for the Horde - Tiragarde Sound / Valley of Storms.

Family pieces instead of Azerite armor are not balanced from the word at all. The release of patch 8.1.5 improved the hereditary armor. For quick boosting, it’s definitely worth using these things: + 30% of the bonuses on the road do not roll, but these things are worse than Azerite armor in terms of characteristics even at their level. Although they do not cause much trouble with the killing of monsters. Melee fighters, due to the low HP pool and the lack of Azerite talents for defense / recovery, may have problems with survival.

Addons I use


  • HandyNotes: Lost and Found - the treasures of Pandaria (these may not be available due to the recovery time, if they were picked up by someone already before you)
  • HandyNotes - Pandaria Treasures - Pandaria Treasures
  • HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures - Draenor Treasures
  • LegionInvasionTimer - Legion Invasions
  • AzeritePowerWeights - assesses the usefulness of a particular Azerite talent
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