Destiny 2 Guide: How to level up fast and get the Force

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Destiny 2 boost is all about the Force, which means you'll need the most powerful loot possible. You weren't expecting anything else, were you? This isn't PUBG or Overwatch. Bungie's new game has made relatively minor but important changes to the loot progress system that the developers have been honing for the past three years.

The most important thing a newcomer to the series needs to know is that Destiny 2 features two progress metrics: your level and Strength. Strength marks your overall progress and acts as the basis for calculating the damage done by your special abilities - whether in melee, grenade, or Super. 

Strength increases as your equipment level increases - it is made up of the average attack damage of equipped weapons and the average defense of equipped armor. Strength has nothing to do with level, especially since it is only pumped up to level 20 as you kill and take part in activities. Although some activities and equipment have level restrictions, in Destiny 2 it's not your level that matters, but what you carry on your shoulders and in your hands. 

Before dealing with levels and the Force, a few important notes:

  • Don't collect Engrams to unlock afterwards - their level and value is determined by the game the moment you pick up the loot.
  • Don't use merge on loot until level 260 of the Force. Until then you can always find something better. Save your favorite guns for the future. 
  • Don't do optional content until level 260 of the Force

Upgrade to level 20

While level doesn't matter much, all of the best rewards and activities are locked in by the level requirement. So it's best to figure out your leveling as quickly as possible and forget about the requirement. You won't earn much experience just by shooting enemies, the fastest way is to play story missions and do adventures. The former not only bring a handful of XP, but also open traders. Adventures, on the other hand, are available from regional merchants and allow you to level up fastest between missions, or you can use, to make you way up faster.


Farming Engram to level 260

Now that you've reached maximum character level, it's time to get to Force level 260, which is sort of in-between, before the maximum Force mark.

Keep in mind that loot characteristics do not depend on your overall Strength level, but on the stats of a particular piece. For example, if your bib has a Force level of 220 while your overall Force level is already 260, then the new bib is more likely to be between 220 and 230. 

How to level up:


  • Visit regional merchants - you may be able to find something that will increase your Strength before you go mining Engrams.
  • Upgrade regional merchants - complete adventures and lost sectors, collect resources, open regional chests, destroy targets and complete events, and exchange loot tokens from the merchant. When you fill up the scale you get the legendary Engram. Opens after level 20
  • Open the chests in the sectors - the loot is above average
  • Complete Challenges - After completing the missions on Io, Ikora will return to the farm and offer a set of tasks that can be completed each day

Do strikes - Zavala will reward you by doing a couple of strikes for him. Bosses have better loot than usual, too.

Check everything that comes out - sometimes, even green and blue items can boost your overall Strength level